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Welcome Dear SoulSider!

I’m so excited that you are joining our SoulSide PLUS program and bringing your love, wisdom, and companionship to our group! 

SoulSide PLUS will help accelerate your spiritual evolution and transform your life for the better through the monthly online events and the rich content in the SoulSide PLUS Learning Center and Media Library .

How to Make the Most of SoulSide PLUS:

  1. Bookmark this page so that you will be able to find it easily, and visit frequently.
  2. Add the email address to your trusted contacts so that you will be sure to get all the email announcements of upcoming events and new content in the Learning Center.
  3. Attend the monthly events in person whenever possible. Recordings of the events will be saved in the Learning Center for you to view afterward, however there is tremendous value to experiencing the transmission of energy in person and also being able to interact directly with me and the guest speakers.
  4. View the incredible content here in the SoulSide PLUS Learning Center. Start with the “Foundational Videos Section” and then  move on to the remaining content. (Scroll down for additional information)
  5. Visit the SoulSide PLUS Media Center (on Vimeo) often and search or scroll through the 40+ hours of content in 120+ videos. (Scroll down for additional information)
  6. If you use Facebook, consider joining the free private SoulSide Community Facebook group to enjoy the fellowship, heart-centered connections, and additional content shared there.

Navigating the SoulSide PLUS Learning Materials:

The Immense amount of content available to SoulSide PLUS members can be found in two locations:1) Here in the Learning Center and 2) On in the SoulSIde PLUS Media Library.  In both locations, you can use the search feature to search by topic or you can use one of the many hashtag keywords. Click HERE to view a list of the hashtags.

Here is an overview of the sections in the Learning Center:

  • Foundational Videos –  When you first join SoulSide PLUS, I recommend that you start here and watch all of these videos. They show you how to navigate the Learning Center and Media Library, and lay the foundation for Pathway to Radiance approach to spiritual development,
  • Pathway to Radiance Transformational Workshops –  Approximately every other month there is a live workshop that teaches a new Inner Mastery transformational technique that you can add to your personal toolkit. This section contains the recordings of those sessions.
  • Transformational Tips and Techniques –  These are short videos that describe an Inner Mastery technique that you can begin using right away to improve your life.

Here is an overview of the categories of videos in the SoulSide PLUS Media Library :

  • All of the videos from the content listed above in the Learning Center. 
  • Educational and Inspirational Videos – These are short videos with an educational or inspirational message.
  • SoulSide Forums –  These are recordings of the bimonthly online Zoom calls on specific topics and that have now started to feature expert speakers.
  • SoulSide Chat Webinars –  These are recordings of the bi-monthly online webinars on specific topics and that feature expert speakers. (These have been discontinued and merged into the SoulSide Forums.)
  • Transformational Coaching Sessions –  These are recordings of actual transformational coaching sessions that address specific topics. When you view and follow along with the healing session, you will also get healing benefits from the session!

To access the Media Library, click HERE. Use the password: iamthesoul (all lower case)

I recommend that you go slow AND that you make a commitment to working through all the content here. It will transform your life in ways you can’t yet imagine!

I’m so glad you are here, I look forward to spending time with you!

Love and blessings,

Mark Youngblood