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Live from the Soul-Side Out!



Welcome to the Pathway to Radiance!

We help you heal your emotional wounding and clear your blocks and limitations so that you can:

Love Yourself Unconditionally,

Create a Life You Love,

and Reveal Your Inner Radiance!



You are ALREADY a Radiant Soul, you don’t have to become MORE of one.

You have to become LESS of what you are NOT, which is a wounded ego!

— Mark Youngblood, Founder, Pathway to Radiance


“Drain the Pain” and Release Negative Emotions In Seconds!



In this short training video, Mark Youngblood explains how to release stress and emotional upsets quickly and easily using his Emotion Quick Release technique.

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Enjoy a Few of Our Most Recent Blog Posts!

Smoothing Out Life’s Ups and Downs

Smoothing Out Life’s Ups and Downs

  How are things going for you? Are you feeling "up"? Or feeling "down?" Or maybe like a lot of us, you are feeling up, down, up down, up, down.... This video is about life's roller coaster ride and what you can do to smooth out the ride.   Check it out, and share...

Uncover Your Soul

Uncover Your Soul

  If you are working on your spiritual development, you view a case of vertigo differently than most people...I woke up last weekend and sat up on my bed and suddenly my bedroom spun around and around. All I could say is "whoa!" before quickly lying back down to try...

How Your Thoughts Affect Humanity

How Your Thoughts Affect Humanity

  This week I looked up from reading the news and said to my wife Rachel, "I have a case of the 'ain't it awfuls.' "  I had been immersing myself in all the negative news... and there is a lot of it... and I found myself focusing on how awful things were on multiple...