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If you are working on your spiritual development, you view a case of vertigo differently than most people…

I woke up last weekend and sat up on my bed and suddenly my bedroom spun around and around. All I could say is “whoa!” before quickly lying back down to try to get it to stop.

Most people would wait it out and hope it cleared up on its own or gone to see a doctor for a quick cure. And that would be that.

But that’s not how I approached it. I regarded the vertigo as a spiritual message that something was out of balance in my life.

Physical illness is one of the ways that Spirit gets our attention. It’s there to alert us of the need for a change or to heal an ego-pattern that it’s time for you to let go of.

“Curing” is about making the symptoms go away. And I wanted that for sure. But I wanted healing even more. “Healing” is about clearing and removing the underlying pattern or wounding that gave rise to the illness in the first place.

Each time we clear out a limiting pattern or heal our wounding, we dissolve a little more of our ego, and let another ray of our Soul’s Light shine through.

That’s what this week’s video is about, and I use the metaphor of a bathroom mirror to make my point.


love and blessings, Mark

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Mark Youngblood, CEO Inner Mastery Inc, founder Pathway to Radiance


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