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Drain the Pain Method™ Video Tutorial

Inner Mastery Transformational Methodology™

The Drain the Pain Method™ is a simple, fast and powerful way to head off an emotional upset and restore yourself to feeling calm and in charge of yourself. It can be used anywhere and at anytime because it is a mental visualization.

So no matter where you are when you get emotionally triggered:

  • in the middle of an important business meeting,
  • cooking dinner,
  • driving down the road,
  • getting ready for bed,
  • or at a wedding…

…you will be able to release the emotional charge and no one will even know!

You can download the Drain the Pain Chapter from my book, Dear Human, Master Your Emotions at this link:

👉👉👉 Drain the Pain Chapter

After watching the video, please share your thoughts, insights and feedback in the comments below, thank you!



These are some ways that you can use the Drain the Pain Method. I recommend that you try them all out!

👉 1. Notice when your family does something that triggers you, and instead of lashing out, stop and use the technique. Notice that as you become calmer, you are able to engage your family in a much healthier and more loving and compassionate way.

👉 2. When you feel the urge to soothe yourself through snacking on unhealthy foods, stop and release the emotions that are driving that need. Then check in with yourself and ask, am I really hungry? You probably won’t be, and you can occupy yourself with some other activity.

👉 3. When something upsetting happens with traffic while you are driving, such as a traffic jam, someone cuts you off, someone honks at you, take a moment and drain the emotional charge. Then notice how easy it is to let it go of the upset and even to send them a loving blessing instead.

👉 4. While at work, when you start feeling frustrated or angry with management or a co-worker, take a breath and release the energy. Notice how much more objective you become about the situation .

👉 5. On the way home from work (even on your commute), take stock of how much tension you feel in your body and how much stress you are feeling. Use Drain the Pain to release that energy wherever you find it and feel yourself relaxing more and more. Notice how much more energized and present to your family you are when you arrive home!

👉 6. Before bed, take a mental inventory of where you may be feeling keyed up in your body, anxious, or mentally pre-occupied with worries or unfinished tasks. Drain the energy from each of these areas, and continue until you feel present and relaxed. Notice how much easier you are able to fall asleep, sleep more restfully, and awaken refreshed.

👉 7. Do #6 before meditating, and notice how much deeper and powerful your meditation is.


  1. Jody Perrault

    I found your video very interesting. Cant wait to try. I find myself extremely stressed alot. Thank you

    • Mark Youngblood

      That’s great Jody, let me know if you have any questions. The key is to practice it until you are comfortable with it — then you’ll not only get better results, you will be able to do it quickly and easily!

      • Mary Beth

        I can’t wait to try this next time I’m angry. I seem to lose it so fast. The faucet technique will redirect my thought process. Thank you souch. Love and light🧡🙌

      • Linda Craven Vidyashanker,PhD

        Thank you so very much Mark for this video and I am very grateful. I am looking forward to the seminar. I’m glad that you are the first speaker

      • Judy

        During the pandemic my stress has really escalated. This should really help. Also I’m of your heritage. My mother’s maiden name is Youngblood.

        • Mark Youngblood

          Hi Judy, nice to meet a distant relative! I’m glad this tool will help you! Much love and blessings, Mark

      • Linda

        Thank you so very much! Sending Peace, Love and Blessings

  2. Donna Noonan

    Hi Mark, Wow. This technique does work. It took a few minutes to sit still, focus, and allow me to feel the pressurized container, touch the valve, see the gauge, and hear the water splashing out; using most of my senses. For me, it was easier to visualize a fire hydrant opening up. The tension in my back went away after a few minutes. Thank you.

  3. Jacqueline van Ryneveld

    Hi Mark
    Debbie Moran introduced me to your Drain the Pain technique a while back so I have had the opportunity to use it to move the emotion fear out of my intestines, many times. I have found the technique to be very effective. Thanks for the extra tips on how else you can use the technique.
    Have a wonderful day.

  4. Bev

    I am so grateful that you’ve excepted me into this group. I didn’t understand why my lower back keeps hurting and after trying your Drain the Pain Technic it stopped aching. What a blessing. God directed me here. Thank you

    • Sheila

      Thank you Mark.. My pain is in my lower back on the left side and I can’t get the water to stop.

      • Mark Youngblood

        Hi Sheila, when the “water” keeps draining and draining, it can mean several things. One is that there’s just a LOT of suppressed emotion to release.If that’s the case, one thing you can do to speed things ups make the “faucet” bigger. I sometimes visualize a pipe a couple of feet wide because there’s so much to release. Another reason for it might be that you are an empath, and you are processing energy for one or more people — it’s flowing from them into you, and then you are releasing it. When I feel into your energy, that’s what I get is happening to you. To stop it, imagine the flow of energy coming into your body, and visualize a shield in front of you that will block that energy. You might visualize it as an egg-shape with you inside of it. I hope this helps! Much love, Mark

  5. Jean

    This sounds like a very easy technique. I will use it when needed and I will let you know how it goes. Thanks Jean Dewey

  6. Mary

    Love this. I’ve been working on releasing emotions stored in my tissues. So anxious to start using this technique as part of the process. Thanks so much for sharing.

  7. Shirley

    Thank you for this technique for relieving stress. It will be a helpful tool to pause and control my responses.

  8. Anita

    I found the video and technique,easy to follow and Im looking forward to trying it!

  9. María

    I found this and I tried because I suffered from anxiety/panic attacks and my pressure in my chest decreased so much! I will do this more often

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