Quick Start to Self-Mastery Training & Soul Side Community

$37.00 / month



QUICK START TO SELF MASTERY: Healing, Personal Power, Soul-Guidance, and Inner Peace.

This is the entry-level program and community for the Pathway to Radiance Transformational Training Series. The next two programs are FAST TRACK to Transcendence and QUANTUM LEAP to a Radiant Life. The QUICK START TO SELF MASTEY program is rated at beginner to intermediate difficulty.

The program and community is designed for people who are tired of:

… feeling stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed, … getting triggered emotionally and hurting your loved ones, … being taken for granted, putting yourself last, and not getting your needs met, … being around energy vampires and negative energy that bring you down, … carrying around old emotional baggage that is weighing you down and holding you back, … trying to win other people’s approval, … looking in the mirror and not liking the person you see.

And people who are:

… looking for inner peace and a sense of calm, … to find out who they REALLY are and what their life purpose is, … to be more positive, optimistic, and smile more, … to feel better about yourself and your loved ones, …to experience more love, joy and harmony in your relationships, …to feel the presence of your Soul and know you are never alone, … and to hang out with like-minded and loving people and feel like you TRULY belong.

And they know… that if they don’t do something about it, their life a year from now will look pretty much the same as it does today…

The Quick Start To Self-Mastery Program features 4 modules and will take about 6 weeks to complete:

  1. CLAIM Your Radiance – Connect with your Soul Guidance, meet your Spirit Guide, learn your Soul Qualities and Life Purpose
  2. CREATE Your Reality – Learn how to own your Personal Power as a co-creator of your reality to get your needs met and to manifest the life you want
  3. CALM Your Emotions – Be able to control your emotional reactions, and to process your emotional upsets quickly and easily to bring you relief and not harm others
  4. CLEAR Your Blocks – Identify the blocks and limitations holding you back and learn tools to clear them so you can free yourself from the burden of guilt, resentment, old hurts, and limiting beliefs about yourself.

PLUS – There are two bonus training programs on manifesting greater prosperity, and erasing your stress!

The purpose of the Soul-Side community is to provide a completely private (and thus safe) forum where the members will truly commit to learning, healing, and growing spiritually. And of course it will also it will be a place where we love on one another and have fun too! I’m hoping it will become your spiritual home for years to come!

The Soul-Side Community will offer new value each and every month, which will include:

  • Q&A related to the training
  • Support and encouragement for you to set and achieve goal after goal that truly matter to you
  • Educational and thought-provoking videos
  • Thought-provoking questions to stimulate a community-wide dialogue so we can learn from one another
  • Soul-Side Chat™ webinars each month which will feature notable speakers on pertinent topics who will also provide an exercise that we will work on and debrief together during the following week.
  • Soul-Side Forum™ webinars where I will bring people “on stage” to talk about a challenge they have and I will provide 5-10 minutes of insights and coaching for each of a half dozen people over the course of an hour. (Similar to what Abraham-Hicks does).
  • Once per month I will do a Facebook Live with a community member where I will do a full Live Transformational Coaching session that the rest of the members can attend and offer input and ask questions.
  • And I’ll be looking for ways to continually add more and more value!