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We help you heal your emotional wounding and clear your blocks and limitations so that you can:

Love Yourself Unconditionally,

Create a Life You Love,

and Reveal Your Inner Radiance!



You are ALREADY a Radiant Soul, you don’t have to become MORE of one.

You have to become LESS of what you are NOT, which is a wounded ego!

— Mark Youngblood, Founder, Pathway to Radiance


“Drain the Pain” and Release Negative Emotions In Seconds!



In this short training video, Mark Youngblood explains how to release stress and emotional upsets quickly and easily using his Emotion Quick Release technique.

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How to Process a Blow-up with Your Partner

How to Process a Blow-up with Your Partner

  We all have blow-ups with our love partners, but it doesn't have to create a lasting upset.   In fact, if handled correctly, it can enhance your relationship and lead to your spiritual growth!   In this video, I talk about a conflict that I had with my wife, Rachel....

Shine your LIGHT in the Darkness!

Shine your LIGHT in the Darkness!

  As a fellow empath, I think we are all having similar experiences during these chaotic, scary, and conflict-driven times.  It can feel like we are surrounded and assaulted by negativity and darkness, and it can be physically, emotionally and energetically...

Crossing the Line to the Soul Side

Crossing the Line to the Soul Side

  There is a point in your spiritual growth where you approach a sort of invisible but undeniable line... ... where you exchange the ego's way of seeing the world for the Soul's view of the world...... and you know that on the other side of that line everything...