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I want to share with you an energy technique that you may find incredibly useful during this pandemic, but you’ll probably also use it for the rest of your life.

Just as we have skin that keeps things out of our physical body, our aura can act like a sort of “energetic skin.”

Normally our aura is expanded out from our body and it offers a small amount of protection from environmental energy. (It has other roles too.)  However, just like all subtle energy, it will respond to our thoughts and we are able to change its shape.

You can shrink your aura down next to your skin, compressing it down into a very small and very dense layer. This makes it much stronger and helps to ward off negative energy and also viruses and bacteria.  

This doesn’t take the place of any physical precautions that you are taking. However, it is a great complement to them.

I describe how to do this in this week’s video. Enjoy!

love and blessings, Mark

PS – After you watch the video, please scroll down and share your thoughts and insights in the comments. I want to hear from you! 🙏❤️


Mark Youngblood, CEO Inner Mastery Inc., founder Pathway to Radiance


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