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We all have blow-ups with our love partners, but it doesn’t have to create a lasting upset.
In fact, if handled correctly, it can enhance your relationship and lead to your spiritual growth!
In this video, I talk about a conflict that I had with my wife, Rachel. I describe how we partnered to talk through it to understand the root causes, and then how I went about healing the deeper wounding and clearing out my emotional “triggers.”
I first recorded this video a couple of years ago, but am only just now publishing it for the first time. (Hence the reference to going out to eat for breakfast and being in public without a mask.)

love and blessings, Mark

PS – After you watch the video, please scroll down and share your thoughts and insights in the comments. I want to hear from you! 🙏❤️


Mark Youngblood, CEO Inner Mastery Inc, founder Pathway to Radiance


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