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5 Essential Skills for a Radiant Life Video Tutorial

Inner Mastery Transformational Methodology™

If you want to go somewhere, it helps to know where you are going. And you certainly need a map. And then you’d better have a plan for charting your path and making the journey.

That’s true in everyday life, and it is certainly true for the spiritual journey.

Ironically, we have more information available today about how to grow spiritually than ever before. And it’s also more difficult to find your way than ever,

You can spend countless hours watching YouTube videos and attending webinars and end up even more confused. And after all that, not having made any real or meaningful changes in your life.

It’s just too much information and it doesn’t have a consistent rhyme or reason. It’s like taking pieces from 50 different puzzles and trying to put them together into something sensible.

That’s why I have put together a comprehensive approach to help you organize and put booster rockets under your spiritual and personal growth.

In my Inner Mastery Transformational Methodology, the map is described in my Pathway to Radiance chart, and the plan is described in the video below.

The final piece is a comprehensive set of mindsets, techniques, and practices to help you execute the plan.

I’ll be teaching you those through the videos I’ll be emailing you for free each week — and if you want to climb higher faster and farther — through my Pathway to Radiance training programs.

The 5 Essential Skills for a Radiant Life are:

  1. Connect with your Soul (starts at 2:15 in the video)
  2. Claim your Power (starts at 4:00 in the video)
  3. Center into Peace (starts at 5:38 in the video)
  4. Calm your Upsets (starts at 6:55 in the video) 
  5. Clear out your Blocks (starts at 9:53 in the video)

In this video I will explain why each is important and describe what is involved for each of them.

In case you would also like to read the transcript of the video, you can read and download it by clicking the link below:

👉👉👉 5 Essential Skills for a Radiant Life Transcript 

Be sure to check out the reflection exercise below the video. And after watching the video, please share your thoughts, insights and feedback in the comments below, thank you!



Take some time and reflect on each of these questions. I encourage you to capture your thoughts and insights and write about them in your journal. 

👉 1. What would it mean to you to feel connected with your Soul? To be guided in your decisions large and small from a place of knowing that they are right and true for you? How would it impact your feelings of isolation, of not fitting in, to have your Soul as a constant companion? How would it transform your sense of self-worth to know in your heart that you are a perfect and eternal Soul rather than the personality you see in the mirror? How would your life be different?

👉 2. What if you never again blamed anyone or anything else for your thoughts, feelings, behaviors or life circumstances? How would it change things for you if you took complete responsibility for the conditions in your life? What if you could go within and change yourself and then see those changes transform your outer world? What if you learned to find peace in accepting the things you simply cannot change? How would your life be different?

👉 3. Imagine how you would feel after a leisurely two-week all-expenses paid vacation on a tropical island with no responsibilities and the freedom to do what you want when you wanted. How relaxed would you be? How carefree would you feel? Would you be smiling and laughing more? More loving and open-hearted? Feel healthier and have more energy? That’s what you can feel like every day of your life once you master the ability to stay calm and centered under even the most difficult circumstances. If you could do that, how would your life be different?

👉 4. We all know what it is like to “have our buttons punched” and to react emotionally to the things that trigger us. If you are like most of us, if these were real buttons on your overcoat, it would be nearly covered. Go ahead and picture that for yourself in your mind’s eye. What would it be like to have half as many? Go ahead and see them gone. How about only a quarter as many? Picture that and notice the relief you are already feeling. When you do get triggered, what if you could process through the upset quickly, easily, and without acting out in a negative way? How much better would you mood be every day? How much healthier would you feel? How much would your relationships improve? With that much emotional mastery, what would your life be like?

👉 5. Everyone alive has insecurities that stem from their childhood. Whether through intention or accident, we develop stories about ourselves of not being enough: not lovable, don’t belong, don’t fit in, stupid, ugly, incompetent, etc. — these are the foundations of our secret shame. Add to that the hurts, resentments, and regrets that we all accumulate over a lifetime and the total of all that is our unhealed emotional baggage. These are the sources of the blocks and limitations that keep us from moving forward to fulfill our dreams and to have the life we want. What if you could clear out that baggage? How much relief would you feel? What could you do if nothing was holding you back? Who could you become? How would your life be different?


  1. Jacqueline van Ryneveld

    I have been focussing on putting down my baggage, connecting with my soul, improving my relationships and finding the energy to create a more dynamic life style for many years now. It will be a miraculous gift if I can fully manifest any of the 5 essential skills, it feels so exciting. I am looking forward to this adventure. Thank you.

  2. Steve Ervin

    When I listened to the video , I was intriged with what you had to say . Yes , I want to learn more . I am a ” seeker of knowledge ” . I devour books , In a search for knowledge . No , I don t ” fit in ” , nor do I want to . I am unique , a rebel . You made some very good points , and yes I would like to learn more on this .
    Namsate ,

    • Mark Youngblood

      Hi Steve, thnanks for your note! If you want to learn more the fastest thing you can do is join my weekly email list — you will immediately get a video on my “Drain the Pain” technique for quickly and easily releasing an emotional charge when you get triggered. Each week i send out another “SoulSide Message” to my members. here’s the link to join:

      Stay in touch! love and blessings, Mark

  3. Elizabeth Carlisle

    Hello Mark:
    I think you succinctly addressed all the facets that block our innate “magnificence.” If we follow these guidelines daily we will, without question, succeed in creating the life of our dreams. I have long since believed, with my whole heart, that we create our reality. With the new energy on our planet we have more personal power than ever before to create our experience. We make change happen by taking charge of our lives and what we create each day. What a wonderful gift we have been given!

    Thank you for your wonderful words,


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